The music of Kathy Bennett and Thom Perkins, Bennett & Perkins, is an exercise in storytelling with many of their songs set in the greater Conway area, their home base. Their songs share lost loves, lost lives and real life adventure, coupled with haunting harmonies and memorable arrangement of vocals and guitar. Whether it's a song about traveling to Cape Breton to a country dance or a love story between a man and his long-lost wife, their songs evoke a strong emotional response from the audience.

House Concerts

What is a house concert?
A house concert is a chance to experience music by musicians in a warm and intimate environment. It's when someone opens up their home and invites you into their living room to share in a performance by talented musicians you might not otherwise get to hear.

Watch this video for more information:

Why would anyone do this?
There are few venues where people can go to experience great music in a close and friendly environment. Great music makes us happy and we want to share that with others around us.

Here’s what’s involved:

1. A Bennett and Perkins House Concert is a good time to socialize and enjoy friendship and music. It is an event which the host should enjoy as much as the guests/audience.

2. Date - select a date for your House Concert that is agreeable to you and Bennett and Perkins.  Usually House Concerts are held Friday and Saturday nights - it’s usually easier to schedule.

3. Space - usually space and chairs for 20 - 30 people. More is great if you can accommodate.

4. Extra chairs can be borrowed from - town hall, church, friends, etc.

5. Invite - Bennett and Perkins can supply a .pdf file of a house concert poster custom tailored to your evening. These can be printed and passed to your friends in person or emailed. Facebook events invites are also an excellent way of inviting your friends.

6. Tickets - usually $15 - $20 with the proceeds going to the artists unless other arrangements are made prior to arriving. This pays for our time and travel expenses as well as the hundreds of hours invested in learning the craft that will be experienced during the concert. You can produce tickets or rely on a list of those who have paid. It is advisable to have paid reservation to make sure that the house limitations are respected. You don’t want no-shows who have not paid having turned away those who would have like to have experienced the concert. Cash is best and checks should be made out to Thom Perkins or Kathy Bennett.

7. Unless you are comfortable with the concept, invite only those you would normally invite into your home. If the space is public, then a wider invitation might be considered. The more the merrier. Conversations during the performance should be discouraged.

8. It is normal and ordinary for your guests to bring some snacks for everyone to enjoy. BYOB is fine if you are comfortable with it. Dishes and glasswear can be informal paper and plastic or more formal plates and glasswear. Washing dishes is the deciding factor.

9. Dinner, accommodations and breakfast for the artists is customary.

10. We will bring a sound system which will enhance the sound but not be overpoweringly loud. House concerts are a listening experience. We need a space about 7’ wide and 9’. We will need access to a 3 prong electrical outlet. We will bring extension cord.

11. Plan starting about 7:30 p.m. with two 40 - 45 minute sets with a 15 - 20 minute break.

12. We will have CD’s available for sale ($15) and will be happy to autograph same.

13. We will try our best to arrive in a timely fashion and set up prior to guests arriving. We will want to do a short sound check to make sure that the sound is perfect. Dinner should precede the show and should be light.

Any questions can be directed to:

Kathy Bennett 603-305-7156

Thom Perkins 603-733-6563